They say one of the best ways to learn is to teach, and while I don’t consider myself a teacher, a huge passion of mine is finding words to fill a space (in other words, writing about that which inspires me) and another is helping others find their space…
So without further ado, I give you this handy little revision site which will hopefully help us both to further revise and remember a little more, before those looming exams!
As always – enjoy the resources, study hard and all the best!

A few little handy tricks for venturing around this site:
FINDING CONTENT: Find the content you’re looking for by selecting the subject from the MENU and reading through the list of syllabus content (if you can’t click a section, it means the content is not yet uploaded) OR simply search the site using the ‘search’ bar.
KEY WORDS/ PHRASES are in bold, bold italics, or italics.
NEW SECTIONS are emphasised by being underlined.
>> KEY DEFINITIONS (this is an example of “what an important definition will look like”… make an effort to memorise these).
>> KEY CONCEPTS (Key facts and concepts that the entire section is/ is mostly based on)
>> ESSENTIAL ‘building block’ INFO (eg. what something is made up of or part of, does, reacts with, etc – all really important to know).
>> EXAMPLES (this would be an example of an example).
>> SIDE NOTES are little helpful reminders and tips!

Please note that these revision notes SHOULD NOT be used as a substitute for comprehensively studying the course, but are advised to be used as revision tools to help with concepts and that final ‘cramming’ sprint.